The Wrong Way to Wright

"This a small Island, and people love to be malicious."

Need a page-turning beach read set in the tropics? Pour in true-to-life characters, a splash of sass, shaken with snappy dialogue and throbbing passion, served straight up. The Wrong Way to Wright is the perfect cocktail with several compelling twists.


Aya Daniels is a thirty-six-year-old woman at her breaking point after never recovering from the loss of the man who broke her heart several years before. She spends and eats to compensate, becoming overweight, depressed, bored, lonely, and deeply in debt.

When she is invited to return to the Caribbean island of her heritage, she thinks she has been offered a lifeline. Unfortunately, she soon realizes most of her troubles have followed her to paradise.

As a result, she jumps into a marriage of convenience with Desi Franklyn, an established small businessman with a dubious past, creating additional tension in her highly dysfunctional family. Although Desi is steadfastly dedicated to their relationship, Aya craves more than material security and begins to explore her passion for writing.

Enter Marley Wright, whose initial interest in Aya’s narrative develops into something much more. On the brink of finally having all that she could ever want, Aya is conflicted by her responsibilities as a wife, her devotion to her career, and her escalating desire for the man with whom she feels an intense connection.

Amid the manipulations of the Daniels family, her husband’s schemes to control her, the sneaky maid, and the gossipy townsfolk, Aya is at her wits’ end and frustrated by not living her own authentic life.

After overcoming obstacles to find her “right” place, a devastating string of events force Aya to make the ultimate sacrifice and finally confront what she fears most.

D. Adiba

Melanated Fiction

D Adiba spent over twenty years interacting with thousands of people working in a variety of industries such as finance, government, hospitality and education. ​D is a well-traveled, avid reader, who loves to explore the unique quirks of dynamic cultures. She has spent the past eleven years refining her craft while living in various countries and looking to be represented by those who support the often-overlooked diverse stories of women of colour.

Praise & Reviews

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The Caribbean setting is honestly presented. The author if faithful to writing a story in which male/female dynamics and norms, sexuality and fidelity as experienced in the Caribbean are the backdrop. She writes a Caribbean narrative with no apologies.
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One the other hand the struggles the main character Aya Daniels faces are universal for women. We all exist in the struggle between society's expectations and who we are and what we want to be: Aya, the sexual woman; Aya the mother (or not); what is worth compromising in order to have the career we want; does marriage mean settling for one thing or another; can we have it all?
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There are no angels in this story - only people. They are mostly decent but all capable of being devious in pursuit of their self-interest. Sound familiar? Decent people can still have miserable relationships despite good intentions. There's no accounting for mismatched expectations!

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