The Wrong Way to Wright


D. Adiba

Melanated Fiction

D Adiba spent over twenty years interacting with thousands of people working in a variety of industries such as finance, government, hospitality and education. While studying business at Ryerson, she began writing short stories about some of her unusual experiences, and took up writing again during her sabbatical of four years.

D is a well-traveled, avid reader, who loves to explore the unique quirks of dynamic cultures. She has spent the past eleven years refining her craft while living in various countries and looking to be represented by those who support the often-overlooked diverse stories of women of colour.

D Adiba currently resides in Calgary where she is editing her children’s series which is set to be released in 2024. She has already completed “Write Where I Started”, the conclusion of “The Wrong Way to Wright”.

You are welcome to connect with D Adiba on Twitter @theadibaspot.

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